"Sin" According to Rabbi Ishmael, the High Priest
H. Pablano

The Talmud: Selections from the Contents of that Ancient Book, It's Commentaries, Teachings, Poetry, and Legends; Philadelphia, 1876

His definition of sin, too, is far beyond and above the confused ideas of many theologians.

Sin is an obstruction in the heart, an inability to feel and comprehend all that is noble, true, and great, and to take part in the good.

If man is to be freed from sin, his mind and heart must be opened to the influence of enlightenment, and all prejudice, selfishness, and self complacency be removed.

... Why should a violation of the affirmative commandments be so easily expiated, as is generally believed, since they are so important? The Rabbi says that sin committed against man is more grievous in the eyes of God than that committed against Himself.