All You Need to Know About What the Torah Says
© 2014 S.H. Parker

Sound-bytes aren't exactly new.

Most Israelites know Hillel's 1st century BCE maxim, "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow." The full story is:

A certain heathen came to Shammai and said to him, "Make me a proselyte, on condition that you teach me the whole Torah while I stand on one foot." Thereupon he repulsed him with the rod which was in his hand. When he went to Hillel, he said to him, "What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor: that is the whole Torah; all the rest of it is commentary; go and learn."  
Maseket Shabbat 31a

The underlying principle is found in another sound-byte:

Why did God begin the story of mankind by creating only one person? The Talmud answers: so that no man should be able ever to say to his fellow man, “my father is greater than your father” (Sanhedrin 37a). We are all related. One father for all people on earth makes everyone brothers and sisters in the truest sense of the word. Adam was not just one man – he was every man ["adam" literally means just "man"]. Christian and Jew, black and white, American and Asian – we are all created by God “in his image.”
Maseket Sanhedrin 37a

And the principle underlying this is:

And God created man in His image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.   . וַיִּבְרָא אֱלֹהִים | אֶת הָאָדָם בְּצַלְמוֹ בְּצֶלֶם אֱלֹהִים בָּרָא אֹתוֹ זָכָר וּנְקֵבָה בָּרָא אֹתָם

Bereishit 1:27

Are there any questions?